Women's Ministry

The Women’s Ministry, formerly known as the Women’s Movement, embraces all the women of the Church. The Ministry seeks to disciple women in the assembly and to reach out to other women in the community. Its main goals are to encourage the women to build strong prayer life, to pray for the church and its leaders and also to help build a strong spiritual family life. 

The Ministry teaches its members on the role of women in the Christian home and in the Church; home management, personal hygiene, raising children, good nutrition and other domestic issues. Counseling is also provided for married couples and young ones who are about to marry. Women are trained to be godly wives and mothers who will help transform society.

The Women’s Ministry meets occasionally to pray for the growth of the church and also to intercede for the ministers and the leaders of the Church.  We study the good lives of notable women in the bible to emulate their rich character to enhance our Christian lives. 

If you want to become a good Christian woman, wife, mother, worker, etc. in your community, we encourage you to come and join us.  



Holiness! Unto the Lord!!

'Kronkron!' 'Ma Awurade!!' [Twi]



Deaconess Betty Afunyah